My Complete Bicycle Touring Gear / Packing List

After travelling on the tandem for two years, Kat and I had refined what we carried to the point where we could justify absolutely every item. Before you think ‘boy, you guys carried a lot of stuff!’, consider that out of all the couples we met around the world, we were one of the lightest packed!

Everything fitted in four pannier bags and a rack top bag very comfortably, with space for a few days worth of food too.

The Breakdown

Our life belongings weighed 61.786kg (135lbs) in total for two years!

We carried 20.718kg (45lbs) per person in gear, not including the bike itself.

That means our tandem bike was 20.350kg (45lbs) as it rolled.


Handlebar Bag: Ortlieb Ultimate 5 – 680g
Front Panniers: Ortlieb Backroller Plus (Rear Bags) – 1670g
Rear Panniers: Ortlieb Backroller Classic w/ Additional Clips (Rear Bags) – 2058g
Racktop Bag: Ortlieb Rackpack 49 (Review HERE) – 910g

TOTAL: 5318g


Tent: Mountain Hardwear Skyledge 3 w/ Stuff Sack (Review HERE) – 2465g
Sleeping Bag (2): Macpac w/ Stuff Sack (Review HERE) – 2188g
Sleeping Mat: Thermarest NeoAir XL w/ Bag (Review HERE) – 507g
Sleeping Mat: Thermarest NeoAir M w/ Bag (Review HERE) – 409g
Air Pillow (2): Exped Comfortfoam (Review HERE) – 430g
Groundsheet/Tarp: Mountain Hardwear (Read more HERE) – 258g
Headtorch: Petzl Zipka Plus – 72g
Headtorch: Petzl Tikka Plus – 75g
Fly Repair Tape: Gear Aid Tenacious Tape – 16g
Tent Pole Repair Sleeve: Mountain Hardwear – 12g
Mattress Repair Kit: Thermarest – 20g
Pillow Repair Kit: Exped – 16g

TOTAL: 6468g


Tablet (2): Apple iPad 3 (Tablet info HERE) – 1310g
Tablet Case: Apple Smartcase (Case info HERE) – 154g
Tablet Case: Kensington Case (Case info HERE) – 213g
Tablet Hardcase: Hard Candy (Case info HERE) – 296g
Wifi Card Reader: Airstash AO2 (Review HERE) – 38g
Phone: Apple iPhone 5 (Smartphone tips HERE) – 131g
Phone Bike Mount: Quadlock Case w/ Raincoat (Review HERE) – 65g

Camera: Panasonic LX5 – 320g
Spare Camera Battery: Panasonic LX5 – 27g
Camera Case: Manfrotto – 66g
Video Camera: Panasonic V700 – 314g
Spare Video Camera Battery: Panasonic V700 – 42g
Video Camera Case: Case Logic – 83g
Tripod: Gorillapod Classic – 41g
Microphone: Azden SMX-10 – 132g

Headphones (2): Apple – 18g
Headphone Double Adapter: Generic – 8g
Travel Power Adapter: Generic – 91g
Double Power Adapter: Generic – 58g
External Battery: Pedal Power + V4i 6700mAh w/ Case (Review HERE) – 240g
Charging Plugs and Cables: Assorted – 514g
Charging Cables Bag: Sea to Summit – 38g
Dynamo Hub Charger: Tout Terrain The Plug III (Review HERE) – 150g
Depending on region, we also carry: Spot Tracker 2 (Review HERE) – 119g

TOTAL: 4349g


Big Pot: MSR Quick 2.5L – 266g
Small Pot: MSR Quick 1.3L – 211g
Plates (2): MSR Quickdry – 128g
Cups (2): Kovea Travel – 161g
Espresso Cups: Keepcup – 59g
Coffee Maker: Airspresso (Review HERE) – 201g
Coffee Grinder: Hario Mini Mill Slim (Review HERE) – 213g
Stove: MSR Whisperlite Internationale (Review HERE) – 435g
Fuel Bottle: Kovea – 133g
Simmer Ring: Bottomless Cake Tin (More HERE) – 65g
Chopping Board: GSI Outdoors Small – 71g
Tea Towel: Albert Heijn – 98g
Water Filter: Sawyer Squeeze / 500ml Bag – 127g
Water Bottle: Nalgene 1L – 175g
Kitchen Bag: Sea to Summit – 79g
Detergent Bottle: Listerine Bottle – 20g
Spice Bottles (3): Sea to Summit – 24g
Scourer: Steel Wool – 18g
Dish Cloth: Generic – 7g
Universal Plug: Flexible Silicone – 14g
Cigarette Lighter: Generic – 20g
Pocket Knife: Leatherman Juice 2 – 137g
Bulldog Clips (3): To seal bags – 12g
Cutlery Bag: Sea to Summit – 15g
Forks (2): Sea to Summit – 24g
Spoons (2): Seat to Summit – 32g
Knives (2): 1x Pairing and 1x Serrated – 87g
Wooden Spoon: Small Wooden – 8g

Depending on region, we also carried: Sea to Summit 10L Water Bag – 174g

TOTAL: 2844g


Wallet: Generic – 50g
Credit Cards (3): Generic – 15g
Keys: Various – 33g
Spare Keys: Various – 14g
Watches (2): Casio Baby G – 84g
Notebook + Pen: Generic – 111g
Picture Book: Useful Travel Images for Communication – 61g
Passports (2): Passports inc. Case – 154g
Passport Photocopies: Generic – 5g
Passport Photos: Generic – 2g
Vaccination Certificates: Local Doctor – 27g
Money Belt: Sea to Summit – 50g
Musette Bag: Rapha – 107g
Sunglasses: Oakley Garage Band – 29g
Sunglasses: D and G w/ Hardcase – 83g
Washing Lines (2): Sea to Summit Elastic – 45g
Hand Sanitiser: Alcoholic – 33g
Superglue: Generic – 27g
Electric Tape: Generic – 22g
Eye Masks (2): Generic – 20g
Stretch Band: Rubber – 42g
Tennis Ball: Stretching – 60g
Reflective Strip: Attaches to Rear Bag – 30g

Depending on region, we also carried: Tap Key – 96g

TOTAL: 1104g

Bike Gear

Tubes (2): Schwalbe – 430g
Patch Kit: Generic Glue Kit – 19g
Spare Tyre: Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Folding (Review HERE) – 635g
Rear Belt: Gates Carbon Drive (More HERE) – 78g
Timing Belt: Gates Carbon Drive (More HERE) – 109g
Spare Spokes (12): DT Swiss Competition – 76g
Rim Tape: Zefal Cloth – 21g
Cleats: Shimano MTB – 54g
Brake Inner Cable: Shimano – 24g
Gear Inner Cable: Shimano – 15g
Brake Pads (2): Avid BB7 – 50g
QR Nut: Generic – 5g
Spare Nuts, Bolts and Washers: Various Sizes – 71g
Rohloff Hub Oils: Cleaning and Lube – 39g
Bike Lock: Abus Bordo inc. Case – 1220g
Tyre Boot: Park Tools – 2g

TOTAL: 2848g


Allen Keys: Pedros Kit Modified – 203g
Torx Keys: Park Tools Modified – 122g
Adjustable Spanner: Generic Small – 51g
External BB Tool: Shimano – 197g
Frame Coupler Tool: S and S – 89g
Rohloff Hub Syringe: Rohloff – 37g
Spoke Key: Park Tools – 16g
Tyre Levers: Park Tools – 25g
Pump: Topeak Road Morph (Review HERE) – 208g
Presta Valve Adapter: Brass – 6g

TOTAL: 954g

Alee Clothes

Clothing Stuff Sack: Sea to Summit Waterproof – 141g

Down Jacket: Macpac inc. Stuff Sack – 789g
Rain Jacket: Columbia – 533g
Jumper: Lightweight Hoodie – 390g
Tshirt (2): Icebreaker Casual – 324g
Singlet (1): Everlast – 144g
Casual Shirt: Uniqlo – 250g

Pants: Generic – 417g
Cycling Loose Shorts: Salewa – 205g
Casual Shorts: Uniqlo – 168g
Swimming Shorts: Black Friday – 130g
Underpants (3): Icebreaker – 171g

Casual Shoes: Nike Sneakerboot – 955g
Cycling Shoes: Shimano SPD Sandal (Read why HERE) – 1037g
Sandals: Birkenstock – 587g
Waterproof Booties: Sugoi – 95g
Waterproof Socks: Sealskinz – 132g
Socks (2): Pearl Izumi – 86g

Helmet: Giro Ionos – 321g
Cycling Knicks (2): Orbea Bib – 410g
Gloves: Jetblack – 87g
Earwarmers: Sugoi – 16g
Legwarmers: Sugoi – 150g
Neckscarf: Buff (Review HERE) – 32g
Winter Hat: Generic – 118g

TOTAL: 7688g

Kat Clothes

Clothing Stuff Sack: Sea to Summit Waterproof – 141g

Down Jacket: Macpac inc. Stuff Sack – 641g
Rain Jacket: Netti D3 – 366g
Jumper: Japan Op Shop – 580g
Tshirt (2): Uniqlo – 272g
Singlet (1): Roxy – 102g
Casual Shirt: Generic – 210g
Bras (2): Generic – 98g
Bikini: Generic – 137g

Pants: Just Jeans – 566g
Leggings: Bauhaus – 193g
Skirt: Uniqlo – 83g
Swimming Shorts: Generic – 100g
Underpants (3): Icebreaker – 100g

Casual Shoes: Adidas – 651g
Cycling Shoes: Shimano SPD Sandal (Read why HERE) – 942g
Sandals: Birkenstock – 474g
Waterproof Booties: Sugoi – 93g
Waterproof Socks: Sealskinz – 136g
Socks (2): Pearl Izumi – 82g

Helmet: Giro Atmos – 276g
Cycling Knicks (2): Sugoi Evolution – 360g
Gloves: Roeckl – 109g
Neckscarf: Buff (Review HERE) – 32g
Compression Brace: Generic – 41g
Winter Hat/Scarf: Generic – 185g

TOTAL: 6970g

Alee Toiletries

Bag: DMH – 248g
Towel: MSR w/ Case – 112g
Exfoliating Glove: Generic – 13g
Beard Trimmer: Philips QG3280 (Review HERE) – 173g
Tweezers: Generic – 8g
Toothbrush: Generic w/ Case – 32g
Toothpaste: Generic – 15g
Soap: Generic w/ Case – 50g
Shampoo: Generic – 50g
Shaver/Cream: Palmolive – 30g
Deodorant: Generic Roll On – 40g
Cologne: D and G in Plastic Bottle – 7g
Suncream: Nivea 30+ Waterproof – 50g
Condoms: Generic – 20g
Insect Repellant: Generic – 50g

Note: Weight fluctuates depending on how full disposables are.

TOTAL: 898g

Kat Toiletries

Bag: Kathmandu – 187g
Towel: MSR w/ Case – 112g
Facewasher: Generic – 50g
Tweezers: Generic – 9g
Blackhead Picker: Generic – 7g
Nail Clippers: Generic – 37g
Nail Polish: Generic – 50g
Sewing Kit: Generic – 28g
Toothbrush: Generic w/ Case – 36g
Tooth Floss: Generic – 14g
Folding Hair Brush: Generic – 24g
Shaver: Generic – 23g

Liquid Soap: Cetaphil – 70g
Moisturiser: Olay – 50g
Shampoo: Generic – 50g
Sleep Spray: Generic – 40g
Rash Cream: Bepanthan – 40g
Skin Cream: Kenacomb – 17g
Perfume: Britney Spears – 9g
Makeup: Generic – 39g
Makeup Remover: Generic – 50g
Mascara: Generic – 19g
Concealer: Generic – 46g
Deodorant: Generic Roll On – 40g

Note: Weight fluctuates depending on how full disposables are.

TOTAL: 1047g


Bag: Kathmandu – 112g
Earplugs: Generic – 3g
Earbuds: Generic – 10g
Gloves: Rubber – 9g
Sea Bands: Travel Sickness – 18g
Spray Bandage: Elastoplast – 40g
Band Aids: Various – 13g
Gauze Strips: Various – 25g
Alcohol Swabs: Skin Cleansing – 15g
Tape: Strapping – 85g
Tape: Micropore – 15g

Cold and Flu: Dimetapp – 55g
Inflammation: Ibuprofen – 13g
Headache: Asprin – 18g
Pain Killers: Mydol 15 – 20g
Nausea: Stemzine – 5g
Travel Sickness: Kwells – 4g
Vitamin Tabs: Berocca – 44g
Fibre Tabs: Metamucil – 61g
Rehydrate Tabs: Gastrolyte – 27g
Throat Spray: Difflam – 54g
Nasale Spray: Pivalone – 13g
Diarrhoea: Imodium – 16g
Diarrhoea: Gastrostop – 3g
Constipation: Movicol – 93g
Bladder Infection: Norfloxacin Antibiotic – 10g
Stomach Pain: Mylanta – 9g
Antihistamine: Phenergan – 3g
Balm: Tiger Balm – 58g
Baby Care Cream: Sanosan – 27g
Antiseptic: Betadine w/ Gauze – 20g
Antiseptic: Saline Solution – 50g

TOTAL: 948g

  1. great resource Alee! i always seem to find reasons to justify lugging around electronics, but share your enthusiasm for cutting weight everywhere else!

  2. Thanks for the great list! You have emboldened me to take some more tools. Especially the external BB tool which I thought was very useful but too big.. 🙂

  3. To be honest, it’s probably not the most essential tool to carry. We carried it because we have eccentric bottom brackets which require a bb tool to increase our belt tension. BB failures are few and far between: we replaced one BB at 20000km and the other is still ticking. Should we have not had eccentric bottom brackets, I probably wouldn’t have brought it along!

  4. Most helpful gear list for touring ever!
    Can you make the images clickable? Sometimes I was not able to tell which is which on the picture, and I was not insightful enough to tell it from the list.
    Over time, I got a lot of inspiration from your gear list and reviews, and all proved to be very useful. So thanks a lot for sharing it!

  5. It’s important to know that there are many people long-distance touring with half of this weight/volume. There are so many pictures of over-burdened tourers in exotic places, that people just go ahead and buy 4 panniers, a rack bag and a handlebar bag and proceed to fill them up (over 100 liters!). With careful consideration and some risk management, you can tour safely and comfortably with a single 30liter bag on the rack, and a big handlebar bag (I retrofitted a 20l ortlieb bike-shopper for hbar use). No need for panniers sticking out and dragging. Total weight for 2, under 10 kg.

  6. Excellent.
    Try Somersets shaving oil; you’ll never go back. 12 ml lasted me 4 months. And you could probably put it in the Rohloff 🙂

  7. Also important to know where and how long you want to travel. If you go to hotels and eat out all the time you don’t need anything on bicycles. But if you only cook your own food and budget yourself less than 4usd a day for years and many places you would go for 2-3days without meeting any people you might want to change considerations. Especially if you want to travel around just your own country for the summer you only need a bike and water bottles and a handlebar bag, that’s what we did.

  8. Amazing and in dept review, very usefull for as I’m trying to start my own adventure!

  9. I agree with you Chcucaandmasha, you have to have a keen sense of what your actually NEED: Our 10kg touring package includes camping gear and clothes for down to -10°C, and cooking for 2 (pot, stove, fuel, condiments, spices, etc.) and an ipad and good camera (a charger) We can travel almost anywhere with that setup. I’ve been travelling light for 35 years, and I can still come back from a 3 month trip and strip another 500g or so. For my september trip in Croatia, I’ve decided to ADD 2kg, so I can Island hop on my own http://gearjunkie.com/klymit-lwd-packraft

  10. We’re just sorting out our final gear list for our world cycle trip! I know I’m going to end up packing more than I need but I guess it’s better to have more to begin with, because it’s always easy to get rid of things along the way.

    We’ve posted our gear list so far on our website http://www.cycletrekkers.com/gear but, will update it again once we actually start cycling.

    Not long to go now – can’t wait!!

  11. I don’t know anything about maintaining or repairing those Gates Carbon Drive belts. Most drivetrains, though, use steel chains. For those chains it’s great to pack a few spare links, a chain breaker (a.k.a., “chain tool”), chain lube & a chain cleaner.

  12. Hi Alee, I have revisited this post over and over again before quitting our jobs and going travel. It really helped a lot and this was the first post I read from your blog. For newbies on the road, this is super helpful! We end up with a similar set up and even managed to bring 5 or 6 books. Vicki

  13. Hey Alee
    Great Article with your great review with those product. I also found this type of product few days ago. And I also satisfied your review.

    Thank you so much

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