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12kg Gear List: The Japan Long Haul Trailer Tour

This is my gear list for a five-week tour of Japan.

– I will be travelling with a friend, so much of the cooking gear, sleeping gear, tools and spares will be shared between us.
– We intend to camp most nights, so we’ve packed to be self-sufficient for days on end.
– We expect the temperature range to fluctuate between 10-30 degrees Celsius (50-86f).

You can check out my titanium road bike and trailer setup HERE.

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japan long haul

Clothing: 3720g
Casual Shirt x2 – 400g
Thermal Layer – 200g
Undershirt – 70g
Quick-dry Shorts – 130g
Cycling Shorts – 200g
Leg Warmers – 150g
Waterproof Socks – 130g
Gloves – 85g
Underpants x2 – 80g
Socks x1 – 25g
Sandals – 587g
SPD Sandals – 1000g
Rain Jacket – 533g
Rain Poncho – 130g

Toiletries: 517g
Toothbrush – 20g
Toothpaste – 40g
Deodorant – 50g
Towel – 100g
Exfoliating Glove – 13g
Shaver – 37g
Sun Cream – 50g
Nail Clippers – 37g
Electric Trimmer – 170g

Camera and Electronic Gear: 826g
Panasonic V700 Camcorder – 200g
Rode Lavalier Microphone – 20g
64gb of SD Cards – 5g
Camera Charger and Batteries – 100g
Gorillapod Phone Tripod – 30g
Phone + Charger – 150g
8000mAh Power Pack – 200g
Headphones – 30g
Power Adapter – 91g

Sleeping Gear: 3515g
Mont Moondance 2 Tent – 1900g
Macpac Sleeping Bag – 800g
Thermarest Neoair Mat – 500g
Exped Pillow – 215g
Head Torch – 100g

Cooking Gear: 1616g
Canister Stove – 90g
MSR Quick 2.5L Pot – 266g
MSR Quick 1.3L Pot – 211g
MSR Quick Dry Plates x2 – 128g
MSR Insulated Cups x2 – 160g
Bialetti Stove Top Coffee Maker – 250g
Kitchen Bag – 79g
Detergent Bottle – 20g
Cutlery Bag, Forks, Spoons, Knives – 166g
Chopping Board – 71g
Cigarette Lighter – 20g
Pocket Knife – 137g
Steel Wool – 18g

Tools, Spares, Essentials: 2665g
Wallet – 50g
Sunglasses – 30g
Pump – 100g
Multitool – 130g
13mm Spanner for Trailer – 100g
Elastic Washing Lines – 45g
Spare Tubes x3 – 300g
Patch Kit – 30g
Bike Lock and Case – 1220g
Helmet – 250g
Lights – 200g
Chain Lube and Old Sock – 50g
Bidons x2 – 100g
Passport – 60g

Gear Total: 12.5kg (27.5lbs)

Bike: 10kg
Trailer: 7kg

  1. I’m wondering about two items in particular: your cycling musette and your shorts. On the shorts, it looks like you’re always wearing a similar pair – have you found a durable option? Mine don’t last long, so I’m looking for a better pair and a musette as well!


  2. Hi Isaac. I wear a Rapha musette to carry my video camera and microphone around. My shorts are actually Bontrager Kalia Women’s as I prefer to not have material over my knees when I’m cycling (the men’s Bontrager Quantum is long). The shorts were comfortable despite having a ‘womens’ chamois, and have lasted very well over the last 5000km. In Japan, I hand washed the one pair every second day.

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