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Gear List: 9.5kg Bikepacking Packing List for Two Weeks Self-Supported

For my 1000km Munda Biddi off-road trip, it was all about minimising space as I needed to fit everything into bikepacking bags, including a half framebag. After about five revisions, I had culled the bulky things in favour for things that packed small. Weight wasn’t at all prioritised for this bikepacking packing list.

What I needed for this adventure: enough clothes to keep warm down to about 0 degrees celcius (32 degrees F), a shelter and cooking gear, plus the ability to carry about 24 hours worth of food. I wanted to sleep comfortably so I opted for a tent and blow-up pillow over the MUCH smaller bivvy+jumper combo. You’ll also notice I took extra pots and bowls to be used communally.

I packed my camping gear all in my handlebar pack; my tent poles, spares parts, tools, beard trimmer and cutlery in my frame bag; and my clothing, toiletries and cooking gear in my seatpack. Food was almost always stored in my handlebar accessory bag, but the overflow went into the seatpack.

My 9.5kg Self-Sufficient Bikepacking Packing List

bikepacking packing list
My 9465g setup from my recent ride of the Munda Biddi Trail.

Clothing: 3570g
Flannel Shirt – 300g
T-Shirt – 130g
Jeans – 400g
Socks x1 – 25g
Waterproof Socks x1 – 130g
Poncho – 130g
Underpants x2 – 80g
Cycling Jersey – 100g
Cycling Bib Knicks – 200g
Cycling Undershirt – 60g
Cycling Windjacket – 100g
Leg Warmers – 150g
Arm Warmers – 50g
Gloves – 85g
SPD Sandals – 1000g
Waterproof Booties – 95g

Toiletries: 350g
Toothbrush + Paste – 40g
Beard Trimmer – 170g
Deodorant – 50g
Sunscreen – 50g
Towel – 20g
Soap – 20g

Cooking: 1255g
MSR Quick 2.5L Pot – 266g
MSR Quick 1.3L Pot – 215g
MSR Insulated Cup – 97g
Utensils – 90g
Bowls – 125g
Stove + Canister – 435g
Detergent – 20g
Dish Cloth – 7g

Camping: 3085g
Mountain Hardwear 2p Tent – 1500g
Thermarest Neoair Mat – 500g
Macpac Sleeping Bag – 800g
Exped Pillow – 215g
Headtorch – 70g

Tools, Spares, Essentials: 760g
Phone + Charger – 150g
Wallet – 50g
Sunglasses – 30g
Pump – 50g
Multitool – 130g
Spare Tube – 130g
Helmet – 220g

Bags: 980g
Revelate Frame Bag – 200g
Ortlieb Handlebar Pack – 350g
Ortlieb Seat Pack – 430g

Total Gear Weight: 9465g

Cannondale Slate Review
My Cannondale Slate all loaded up for the 1000km Munda Biddi Trail.

  1. Alee, interested in a decent poncho, currently have a disposable one about the size of a wallet when folded. It won’t last much longer , what do you use?

  2. Wow it must have been a challenge to find space for all that gear plus food and water inside does tiny bike pack bags, great job.

  3. I never thought of putting the bar bag below the drops. I was always thinking of fitting between the drops, and therefore it wouldn’t be big enough for the tent, sleeping bag and mat. Great idea!

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